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Page 2/6 Amateur Radio Test - Test Selection

You select the type of test on the Test Selection tab.

Class is the class of license: Technician, General or Amateur Extra.

Note: there are two other Amateur Radio license classes, the Technician Plus and Advanced but licenses are no longer issued.

The next line shows the types of test:

1. ALL QUESTIONS - all the questions in the Question Pool are ask;

2, TYPICAL - this option simulates the actual FCC test. Questions from each topic are randomly selected from the questions that have not been ask before. After all questions for a topic have been ask, the random selection is made favoring those you preciously got wrong.

3. REVIEW - this option selects all question where:

    (A) the number of rights is less than 3 than the number of wrongs; or

    (B) you have manually placed the question the Review List (more later).

4. SUB ELEMENT - the test consists of all questions for a particular sub topic.

5. SUB ELEMENT REVIEW - same as #3 but only for the selected Sub Element.

6. WRONGS ON LAST TEST - includes only those question you got wrong on the last test you tried. It does not matter which test it was.

7. SEARCH - in effect a Search functions the same as the above test. It includes only those questions which contain a particular search criteria. (more later)


For the SUB ELEMENT AND SUB ELEMENT REVIEW type test, you then select the particular sub element from the drop down list.

Scramble Answers:  With this option checked, the answers to the questions are scramble.

Once you finish with the Test Selections, click on the Start button to begin the test. If you need to leave part of the test until later, just Exit the program. The next time you execute it, you can continue with the test by clicking the Resume button or begin a new test by clicking the Start button.

Click the Next button below for the display of the Question/Answer areas.

Last updated Jan 02, 2009