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MiTrains® Car  Cards and Labels

Print Car Cards and Labels in any size !

Ever notice some manufacturers do not show the car number on their boxes? 

Print your own labels for the boxes so you know which car goes in which box ...

Print Car Cards with pictures or without ...

Here is a neat option: after printing, you can flag each car so it will not print again. When you buy new cars or change the data on one, only those car cards will print. 

Card Cards are used with the Waybills program.

MiTrains® prints the Car Cards, Waybills prints the four cycle waybills that are inserted in the Car Card pocket.

Click the Waybills button at the top to checkout this program.

There are many options for printing ...

Choose a general format ... Choose the type of forms ... Choose Font Size ...

Below is a picture of the complete Car Card/Label window. The list of cars is on the left. 

A "Yes" in the Print ? indicates the car card is to be printed. The Print ? indicator is automatically set on when you add a car or change any of  the data that appears on the car card. It is set off after the car card is printed so only new cars are printed the next time. 

You can manually change it by double clicking the row or highlight several rows and use the Set Print ? On or Set Print ? Off buttons. 

A preview of the Car card is in the lower right.

Last updated: 03/15/2012