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MiTrains® Categories

All items are allocated to a category.

Micro-Trains(tm) collectors may allocate their cars according to the Series or first 3 digits of the Micro-Trains(tm) catalog number. All these categories are supplied.

Those in other scales may wish to use the Freight Car category for all their cars or establish categories based on the car type. i.e. box, refer, gondola, etc. It's your choice.

You can use the categories supplied, modify them and add your own. Even transfer items from one category to another.

The Description Reference Table is divided into  11 sub tables including an extra one just for you. You can allocate any of these to any category. Simple flexibility!

You may also group categories together for viewing or printing.

To Add a category, click the Add tab. 

Specify a Category Key, Descriptive name and the Format Scheme. Select the options and the Description Reference Sub table for this category.

Finally, click the Add button to save this new category. 

Note that the existing categories are shown on the left.

The Change tab is similar. Click the Change tab and the category you want to change on the left and change the data in the fields.

Finally, click the Change button to save the changes.

To group categories together, create a group name in the drop down list and check each category in the left hand list to be included in the group.

Finally, click the Save button to keep the changes.

Note that a category can belong to any number of groups.







To delete a category, click the Delete tab and check all categories to be deleted. Then, click the Delete button.












Last updated: 11/05/2008