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Download MiTrains Inventory System Version 7.0.9

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Click To Download SetupMiTrains.exe now.  Version 7.0.9, Build March 25th 2019

Note: If you get a small message box saying "Shell Execute failed. error code 255", ignore it!

Version 7.0.9 March 25th 2019

    1. Print Detail Report: Fixed bug cause Error 381 Subscript out of range.

    2. Print Detail Report: Fixed bug in printing multiple Add Ons.

Version 7.0.8 Jan 19th 2019

    1. Fixed Bug: Icons were not showing on Main Window so, there was no way to delete Reference Table entries.

Version 7.0.8 Jan 14th 2019

    1. Fixed Stats form loading categories.

    2. Revised Help/Check For Upgrades to issue message of current version.