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Download MiTrains Inventory System Version 7.0.6

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Click To Download SetupMiTrains.exe now.  Version 7.0.6, Build October 15th, 2018

Note: If you get a small message box saying "Shell Execute failed. error code 255", ignore it!

Includes Tutorial of 104 pages and 91 pictures.

 (Users of version 5 and before, see below).

Please Note: We offer free upgrades for life. However, we can only support the latest version.

If you encounter a bug, please download the latest version and see if the same problem re-occurs.   

Version 7.0.5 Sept 13th, 2018 New Feature: Help/File Counts - counts record types on current file.

Version 7.0.5 Sept 10th 2018 Fixed bug when Photoname is less than 6 characters.

Version 7.0.5 August 15, 2018 Complete rebuild to fix Print Detail report. Includes Micro-Trains cars to August 2018.

Version 7.0.4 August 10th 2018. Bug Fix: File/Restore From Alternate Drive window was not showing 

                        MiTrains6.ini (Customizing File) or MiTrains6.ref (Reference Tables) files.

Version 7.0.3 July 28th, 2018 No changes to MiTrains but Tutorial updated to print all diagrams.

Version 7.0.3 July 18th, 2018 Bug Fix: On the grid on the Backup To Alternate Drive window, the MiTrains6.INI (Customizing File) and MiTrains6.REF (Reference Tables and Categories) were not included. They are now.

Version 7.0.3 July 12th 2018 No changes to program but N Scale Micro-Trains database updated to July 2018.

Version 7.0.3 July 5th 2018 Bug fixed  when backing up files, error line 1446 code 438 Object doesn't support property

Version 7.0.3 July 3rd, 2018 Increased total size of picture files for Alternative Drive backup.

Version 7.0.3 June 13, 2018 Fixed bug where categories needed to be the same case for alphabetic Cat Key. 

Version 7.0.2 April 14, 2018 Fixed bug in entering Registration Numbers and fixed bug in ending the program.

Version 7.0.1 March 22, 2018: Put Customizing file "MiTrains6.INI" in the same folder as the MiTrains program instead of C:\Windows 

Version 7.0.0 Dec 11, 2017 Fixed up Help/Current Files display.

Version 6.8.4 July 15, 2016 Fixed overflow error in Backing Up To Alternate Drive.

Version 6.8.4 June 21, 2016 Added new Preferences option to put Description into Road Name if Road Name is blank. This is useful if creating a report for both Rolling Stock and other items.   Also improved Help/Search For All MiTrains files. Now searches Windows folder except for winsxs sub folder (due to its size). Locates files reported to be in Windows but actually put into the Users folder.

Version 6.8.4 February 20, 2016 Fix bug in building Items In Category list.

version 6.8.3 January 27, 2016 Added file ReadMe2.txt and ReadMe2.rtf Transferring data files to another computer. 

Version 6.8.2 September 17, 2015 Added volume name to backup To Alternate Drive and Restore From Alternate Drive.

Version 6.8.2 August 15, 2015 Added MiTrainsTutorial.PDF file. Fixed Restore From Alternate Drive failure to show drives. 

Version 6.8.2 August 12, 2015 Fix showing of "Groups" category and Printer setting: hard right margin.

Version 6.8.2 July 1, 2015 New Edit/Preferences/Display option includes all items in category and sub categories in Items in Category list.

Version 6.8.1 June 1, 2015 Fixed bug with cursor in Road Name field

Version 6.8.0 March 10, 2015 Fixed bug in sorting Items In Category grid.

Version 6.7.7 Jan 20, 2015 Fixed bug that prevented adding, deleting or changing Car Card forms from being saved.

Version 6.7.6 Jan 12, 2015. Made an error uploading MicroTrain cars for January and omitted Dec 2014 cars.  Build Jan 14, 2015+ corrects this.

Version 6.7.4 Rewrote method of sorting Items In Category grid. Fixed bug in Backup To Alternate Drive. 

Version 6.7.0: improved readability using Arial font, size 9.

                           choose any printer on you computer/network.

                           with MiShops6: Updated Hobby Shops in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Great Britain.

When you get the File Download - Security Warning window, click RUN to install immediately.

For Version 6+ Highlights click here.

Free unrestricted trial period of 30 days. Free lifetime upgrades. 

Users of MiTrains prior to version 6:

To receive your new Registration Number for version 6, email

Be sure to read the Help/New This Version menu for version 6 highlights.

The file formats for data files (file extension .MV3 or .MIT), Reference Tables (MiTrains.REF) and the Customizing file (MiTrains.INI) have changed.

To convert your previous files, go to the File/Open Menu, change the Files Of Type drop down list to MiTrains version 3 to 5 (*.mv3) or MiTrains Version 1 and 2 (*.MIT) and double click your file name. All conversions are done for you. 

Your previous files are left unaltered. 

After you are satisfied that the installation worked and you have used version 6 for a while and CONVERTED EACH OF YOUR EXISTING DATA FILES) :

1. WRITE THE COMPLETE C:\SHENWARE DIRECTORY TO A CD. This will preserve your previous version data plus the version 6 data.

2. You may delete the following files:

MiTrains.exe (MiTrains program version 5. The new one is MiTrains6.exe)

<anyname>.mv3 or <anyname>.mit (Previous data files. New ones are <anyname>.mv6)

MiTrains.ORG and MiTrains.REF (Previous reference tables. New ones are and MiTrains6.ref)

MiTrains.INI (Previous customizing file. New one is MiTrains6.INI)

MiTrains.QWK (QuickStart file. New one is MiTrain6.QWK)

3. Check your DeskTop icons and entries in the Start/Shenandoah Software menu to make sure they point to MiTrains6.exe and not the previous version MiTrains.exe)