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Download Waybills Version 7.0.4

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Click To Download SetupWaybills.exe now.  Version 7.0.4 Build January  14th 2019.

Note: If you get a small message box saying "Shell Execute failed. error code 255", ignore it!

Version 7.0.4 January 14 2019

    1. Added counts to main window grids.

    2. Help/Check For Upgrades message changed to view web site. 

Version 7.0.3 August 10th 2018 

    1. Bug Fixed: File/Restore From Alternate Drive. Fixed display of files on backup drive.

    2. Bug Fixed: View options and View Menu synced.

Version 7.0.2 July 28th. 2018

    1. No changes to Waybills program but Waybills Tutorial program updated to print all diagrams.

Version 7.0.2:

    1. Bug Fix: Backup To Alternative Drive incorrectly reported folder for Waybills.INI. It was corrected to be
        in same folder as the Waybills program. Backup of the file was OK. 

Version 7.0.1: 

    1. Moved Waybills master INI customizing file to folder where the program lives instead of c:\Windows
    2. Removed undocumented backups of data file and orders file from Windows folder.
    3. Included Microsoft's WinHlp32.exe program in folder where the program lives as Microsoft no longer includes it in Windows.
    4. Installed Help file in folder where the program lives instead of c:\Windows
    5. Removed all references to c:\Windows folder.
    6. Set extended 30 day trial from date password entered + 30 days instead of original installed date + 30 days.

Version 7.0.0 Added note to Print Waybill Cards re: Increasing font size may reduce printed lines dependent on your printer.

       Made printer statistics the same between Print Waybill Cards window and Print Blank Waybills window.

Version 6.8.1 Fixed bug in putting Prototype Industry City and State in Title bar.

Version 6.8.0 June 30, 2016: Fixed bug giving overflow error message on startup. 

 Version 2.8.0 June 21, 2016. Added improvements to Help/Search All Waybills files. It now searches Windows subfolders except for the winsxs folder due to its size. Identifies files reported to be in c:\WINDOWS but actually put in a Users folder.

Version 6.7.9 Jan 27, 2016 Added Files ReadMe2.txt and ReadMe2.rtf  

                        Transferring data files to another computer.

Download now includes WaybillsTutorial.PDF for those who wish to use Adobe Reader.

Click here for New Feature Highlights on YOUTube

Includes Tutorial. 94 pages, 83 pictures.

When you get the File Download - Security Warning window, click RUN to install immediately.

Free unrestricted trial period of 30 days.

Be sure to read the Help/New This Version menu for version 6 highlights.


Version 6.4+ is a major upgrade to the graphic interface to make it much easier to fill out a Waybill. It extracts your Home Industries from the Industrial file to a separate Home Industry file.

Screen capture at bottom of this page.

Please be sure to read the following , especially Topic  7. Things To Verify.

1. Major Graphic Interface Changes on Main Window.

1.1 New Car Type list replaces the car type data on commodity records.

1.2 New Locations list on Main window for Home Industries. The location is keyed from the first two numeric digits or the first word for names of the Locn/CLIC column on the Home Industry records. Select the location and the home industries for that location appear in the Industry list. (Maintain the Locations on the Format window as previously.)

2. New Home Industry Window.

Your Home Industries are extracted from the industrial file and a new Home Industry file is created. (File suffix is .HIN). The Home Industry window then uses the Home Industry file thereafter.

3. New Off Line or Prototype Industry Window.

This window reads in your previous industrial file or any of the OPSig industry files. The window has all the features of the IndMan program. Use the Insert To and Insert From button  or right mouse click to insert on the Waybill cycle. You may keep this window open simultaneously with the Main window.

Note: your home industries will still be on this file. After verifying that your home industries were extracted on the Home Industry window, you may delete them from this file.

4. New Backup Procedure:

The File/Backup To Removable Media and File/Restore From Removable Media are replaced with File/Backup To Alternate Drive and File/Restore From Alternate Drive.

The added feature is that you can backup to another hard drive on your computer or to any drive connected to a USB port such as a Flash Drive.

The structure of storing the backup data has changed to be compatible with this feature in MiTrains.

Any backed up data from previous Waybills versions maybe be recovered manually if needed.

 5. Other Features.

5.1 There is a ? symbol beside the lists on the Main window. Click to read the help notes.

5.2 Click the blue underlined title on the edit lists to access the appropriate window.   

5.3 The "Spread" button on the Main window (to access the Spreadsheet window) is replaced with a "Proto Ind" button to access the Off Line or Prototype Industry window. We expect the latter to be used more frequently.

5.4 The four OpSig (the NMRA Operations Special Interest Group) prototype industry files of some 40,000+ industries are included and can be read on the new Prototype Industry window. There is a fifth file, OpSigCondensed.txt that has 19,000 industries giving a better cross section of industries across the US and Canada. This was created by eliminating industries where there were less than five industries per commodity and putting a limit of 50 industries for popular commodities like Coal, Lumber, etc.

6. Features Changed:

6.1 The need to put commodities on industrial records.

There is no longer any need to create multiple industry records where the industry ships or receives multiple commodities. No need to "Check" industries.

Any existing commodity data on the industrial records will still be used.

6.2 The need to put car type data on commodity records.

There is no longer the need to create multiple commodity records where the commodity can be shipped in several car types. Due to the volume of commodities, most of which you will probably not use, you still need to "Check" the ones to appear on the Main window.

Any existing car type data on the commodity records will still be used.

6.3 No need to use the IndMan (Industrial File Manager) program.

These features are incorporated into the new Off Line or Prototype window. The right mouse clicking to insert an industry from IndMan onto a waybill cycle is removed. It will now insert the selected row from the Prototype window or use the "Insert To" or "Insert From" buttons.

7. Things To Verify.

Go to the Home Industries window and check that your Home Industries were extracted OK. If all is correct, you may delete your home industries off the Prototype window or simply use the OpSig industry files.

Verify that your AAR Car Type, Routes, Via and Notes entries are intact.

8. After you are assured that the conversion all worked, use the File/Backup To Removable Drive to backup your files.

Please advise us of any difficulties. Email us!

Screen Capture: