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IndMan: Prototype Industrial File Manager

The Operations Special Interest Group (OpSig) has created a database of about 40,000 prototype industries. Due to the volume, four files are used to retain these industries. Our IndMan program accesses these files, allows you to merge, sort, search and create sub files of this data. IndMan also converts these files to a format suitable for our Waybills program.

The OpSig data files are ASCII, tab deliminated so they can readily be read into a spreadsheets like Excel.

The IndMan program is our contribution to this OpSig project. The program and the four OpSig files are free.

You can use IndMan to find a particular industry for your waybills. Both the IndMan and Waybills programs are linked together so you may select an industry in IndMan and insert it directly onto a waybills cycle in the Waybills program.

To download the IndMan program and the OpSig database files, click the Download button at the top of this page.

Here is a look of the main IndMan screen.

In the upper right corner are other entries for the selected Dana Corp industry.

To see how searching works, click the Next button below.

Last updated: 11/20/2008