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IndMan Searching

Searching with IndMan to find industries that match a specific criteria is easy. You can also do searches on a previous search result.

Lets say you want to find an industry that ships pet food that is serviced by the AT&SF railroad.

1. First sort on Road by clicking the heading column. You may sort on any column by clicking on its heading:

2. Enter AT&SF in the Search box and click the Search button. If you want to save this entry for future use, click the Save button.

The grid now shows all industries served by the Santa Fe. Note that in the Show box, the Show Search results only is automatically selected. To see all the records again, select the Show All records button.

Technical: In effect, there are two grids. One for all the records in the file and the second contains only the results of a search. The Show options selects which one is visible. All functions operate on the grid that is currently shown. 

3. Now, sort on the Commodity column by giving the heading a click:

4. Enter Pet Food in the Search box and click Search:

We found one industry that matches. If there were a lot, we could do an additional sort on SR (Ship/Receive) column and do a further search.

If you were looking for industries that might receive coal from your mine, you can follow the same method and create a sub file of all the prototype industries that are potential customers of your coal mine.

Last updated: 03/28/2010