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MiTrains Version 6 Highlights

MiTrains  version 6.0 is now released!  

New Features include:

Show/Hide each data field by Category;

Change data field titles by Category;

Change the purpose of a data field by Category;

Add On Costs for each item;

More User Fields. Six now available;

50% increase in size of the Notes field;

New Add, Change, Group and Delete Category window;

Updated Help screens and Manual;

Transparent conversion for users of previous versions.

Now you can use the same field for different purposes in different categories. For example, use one of the six user fields for:

1. DCC Address in the locomotive categories;

2. Car Date Built in the freight car categories;

3. Car Name in the passenger car categories;

4. and hide the field for all other categories.

It is done by specifying a Format Scheme. The Format Scheme defines which fields are to be shown and their titles. You can define up to 999 Format Schemes.

Any Format Scheme can be assigned to any one or more categories. When a record is to be shown in the Detail Area, the Format Scheme for that category is accessed to determine how the item is to be displayed.  In the example above, four Format Schemes need to be defined, one for each group of categories.

You may assign a Format Scheme to a Group Category and the Format Scheme will be assigned to all categories within that group. You may also have different Format Schemes for the categories within a group.

The Format Scheme window replaces the previous Edit/Title window. 

Last updated:  12/19/2009