Shenandoah Software

MiTrains® Show Data Fields and Titles

How is this for customizing?

You can Show or Hide and title each field by category.

We included six extra fields for you: Index-1 to Index-6 for your unique requirements. Set the title to suit. Each Index field has its own Reference Table (supplied empty).

You can use each of Index fields for  different purposes in different categories. For example, Index -1 can be used for:

  1. a DCC address in the Locomotive category;

  2. a car name in the Passenger car category;

  3. the car built date in the Freight car category;

  4. foot print size of a building in the Structure category;

  5. etc., etc.

No other package offers this flexibility!

You simply create a Format Scheme in the window shown below. Each category can be assigned to any Format Scheme.  

The example below is for Locomotives.

You may also change the title of the 11 Description Reference Sub Tables.

Suppose you have more than one scale. Or manage your clubs inventory and your own. You can setup an separate application (using the File/New Application Wizard) for each  and customize the data fields for each one.

Some people have changed the titles and inventoried their household articles, Beanie Baby collection, etc.

Last updated:  11/05/2008