Shenandoah Software

Waybill Reports

In addition to printing Waybills and Custom Orders, there are 9 additional reports:

  1. blank waybills;
  2. Waybill List - list of all waybills in three formats;
  3. Cross Reference List - shows waybill cycles by industry;
  4. Cars Needed - estimate of the number of cars by car type needed for the waybills;
  5. Car Type List - list of AAR car types;
  6. Route List - list of route values
  7. VIA List - list of VIA values
  8. Commodities List - list of commodities;
  9. Industry List - list of home and/or off line industries.

The Cross Reference list is very useful to determine the cars routed to industries by cycle. A sample page of the report is below:

Note that the program assigns a Waybill reference number to each waybill. This is so you can always relate the actual waybill back to the record in the data file. This number is shown in the second column followed by the cycle number.

Last updated: 06/11/2010