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Waybill Title Bars

More options for you to enhance your operations...

There are three methods for customizing the title bars of each waybill cycle:

1. Traditional: 

The title bar is "WAYBILL" with no color.


2. Titled by Destination:

The title bar is colored according to the TO destination of the car for that cycle.

In this sample, one of the modeled towns is Ellison. All cars going there will have the same title bar color.

This makes it real easy for the yard crews. They need only look at the color to classify the cars. They do not even have to read the waybill.


A variation is to include the name of the destination in the title bar instead of "WAYBILL".

You only need to set the color and title for each modeled town once. Waybills handles the rest automatically.

The scheme can be changed for one, some or all waybills with only a couple of clicks.


3. Titled by Routing:

Consider a car with the cycles:

(1) MTY/LOAD: an empty car is en route to an on line customer for loading.

(2) SHIPMENT: the loaded car is en route to an off line (staging) receiver.

(3) SHIPMENT: a loaded car from an off line shipper is delivered to an on line receiver.

(4) EMPTY: the car has been unloaded and is sent back to the empty car yard. 

The above is one format. You create additional formats for all other possible routings.

 Note that each segment of the routing has its own color.

Last updated: 06/11/2010