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Waybill Features

A complete freight car forwarding method following the McFall system (Old Line Graphics).  See Tony Koester's article in March 1993 issue and David Barrow's writeup in December 1996 of Model Railroader.

MiTrains prints the Car Cards, Waybills prints the four cycle waybills in any size, in a variety of formats.

Tradition style

Car Cards with pictures, Waybills with colored title bar according to the destination.

Same but with destination name in the title bar

Waybills are printed on both sides of standard business card forms or ordinary paper stock. Other sizes can be used.

Included are 40,000+ prototype industries compiled by the Operations Special Interest Group (OpSig). You may do Searches on Searches to find a specific industry.  You can easily find the coal fields in Pennsylvania, the industries using/shipping  Kaolin for your new tank car,  industries served by the Chicago North Western,  the ones in Amarillo, Texas, all the ADM plants, who makes plastic pellets? and thousands more questions.


     (1) 2" x 3.5" business card size;

     (2) 2" x 3" McFall size on business cards (you trim 1/2" off);

     (3) 2" x 3" McFall size or

     (4) your own custom size.


Waybills comes with a Tutorial of 94 pages and lots of screen capture pictures to step you though the functions in the program.

To download Waybills demo, uncrippled for thirty days, click Download Now.  The download file self-installing.

All upgrades are free! We encourage upgrades to take advantage of new features.

Last updated: 06/11/2010